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Rolex replica watches seem to us to have an unjustified position in our market. A fake watch whose dial is adorned with such a proud five-horned crown is believed to be not actually a knock off watch, but a kind of compromise of taste or even an exchange of conscience and a sell-out of the soul to the devil. Rolex fake watches are believed to be worn by those who have just become rich and want to loudly announce their achieved wealth to the world through their newly acquired watches from this particular brand. They also say that Rolex is only worn by those who have no idea about other Swiss replica watches and have only learned one precious mantra: Rolex. They also say that replica Rolex watches are something like black caviar. It is both a symbol of luxury and at the same time a symbol of the common and popular taste of the elite, the most hackneyed notions of wealth. This is how Rolex knock off watches look in the eyes of many, many people. And that's not fair.

Rolex Datejust 31 2020

The Oyster Perpetual Datejust 31 collection comprises four models with four different dial colors. The first has an aubergine-colored dial, that is, an aubergine around which 46 brilliant-cut diamonds are arranged on the bezel, and the Roman numeral VI is inlaid with them on the dial itself. As with the other two models, the dial is processed in such a way as to create a solar glow: a thick mint green and a dark mushroom gray, which fake Rolex calls dark gray. The fourth model with a white lacquered dial. All models are made of two white metals, Oystersteel and 18-karat white gold. Inside is the caliber 2236. The versions with diamonds and aubergine dial, such as the version with a white lacquered dial, have a classic Oyster bracelet with three links, the other two with a green and gray dial have an anniversary bracelet with five links. An elegant 31mm replica watch that plays on fragility and strength.

Rolex Daytona

The spelling of the Daytona prefix was different at different times. Originally, the inscription was in large letters at the top of the dial, just below the name Cosmograph. After 1967, it was decided to move the iconic 6 o'clock prefix to the counter.

The color of the inscriptions on the dial also changed. For example, on earlier steel versions in the mid-1960s, white or gray inscriptions were found on the black dial, made in the same color with minute markers and other designations. Later models from this era featured red lettering. In the early years of replica watch production, there were also models with brown or black markings. 1965: Introduction of screw buttons In 1965 the referee was born. 6240 with screwed buttons. Because Rolex fake did not bet on the popularity of the model, this chronograph will be produced in limited editions for a very short period (until 1969). The appearance of the screw buttons is due to the fact that this design prevented accidental starting of the chronograph in hazardous situations (underwater diving, presence of a large amount of dust or other aggressive factors).

In addition to the word Cosmograph on the dial of the 6240, the Oyster inscription reappeared, which until then was only present on 6238 models equipped with pump pushers (however, on the Internet you can often find versions of Ref. 6240 in which the word Oyster appears, the dial is missing). In addition to the screw-in buttons, this replica watch featured a 7mm crown (on the models with pump buttons, the diameter of the crown was 6mm). Another feature of the imitation watch was the presence of a black Bakelite bezel, although it is likely that the first copies of this model (1965-1967) had one for ref. 6239 was the next model with a Bakelite bezel - Ref. 6241, manufactured between 1967 and 1970 - an exact copy of Ref. 6239, with the exception of the bezel.


The Rolex GMT-MASTER has been popular since its first appearance in 1954. The replica watch was originally developed by Rolex in collaboration with Pan Am Airways as a functional work super clone watch for the company's long-haul flight crews. The original replica GMT Master Rolex was made of stainless steel, and beginning in the 1970s, the luxury versions were made of steel and gold as well as gold. GMT Master was produced until the 1990s. The GMT Master II was introduced in the early 1980s. The collection received its current design in 2005. In 2015, Rolex reintroduced the Pepsi version with a red and blue bezel, which follows remaining true to the original 1954 version. Demand for this model significantly outpaced supply after Baselworld 2018, when Rolex introduced a range of replica watches with a new reference number, a new movement, a steel case and an anniversary bracelet. . The prices of this model responded immediately to this situation. The replica Rolex GMT-MASTER II Pepsi 126710BLRO. The waiting time for the new GMT-MASTER II Pepsi can exceed 10 years. And the waiting list has grown so large in some places that it is no longer possible to add new clients.

Rolex Daytona "Paul Newman"

How can we give up this record holder for hourly trading? Initially, the replica watch was not very popular with the public, but as soon as actor Paul Newman (pictured) appeared on the cover of an Italian magazine, the situation turned exactly the other way around. The demand for replica watches has grown rapidly and the world of watchmaking has a new legend whose name is replica Rolex Daytona "Paul Newman". Interestingly, the Paul Newman prefix has become part of the model's official name. Special features of the replica watch: Art Deco writing and square markings on the counters.

Rolex Daytona "Panda"

Due to the resemblance to a panda's face, versions of the model with a light dial and dark counters were given the additional name "Panda".

Rolex Explorer II "Steve McQuee" / "Freccione"

It's hard to say why, when Steve McQueen is mentioned, some collectors refer to the Explorer II ref. 1655. This is stranger as the legendary racing driver and actor preferred the Submariner in normal life and is best known in the replica watch press for popularizing the Tag Heuer Monaco model that it once was. These replica Explorer watches Swiss Movement were reportedly part of the actor's personal collection, but there is very little information available about them. But another nickname of the model is definitely known: "Friccione". Translated from Italian it means "big arrow". The additional central hand, thanks to which the time of the second time zone is read on the model's bezel, actually has a large point.

Rolex "James Cameron" Deepsea Sea-Dweller D-Blue

The experimental replica Rolex Deepsea Challenge made history thanks to its participation in the unprecedented expedition led by James Cameron, who single-handedly managed to dive almost to the bottom of the Mariana Trench in 2012. The copy watch is designed so that the case can withstand a dive to a depth of 12,000 meters: case diameter 51.4 mm, glass thickness - 13.4 mm, load capacity in hours - 13.6 tons.

Two years later, at the premiere of a documentary about the expedition, Rolex replica revealed another Deepsea Sea-Dweller D-Blue, dedicated to the Oscar-winning contribution to ocean exploration. A special feature of the replica watch, which has adopted all the technical characteristics of its predecessor, is the dial with an interesting color combination: the background of the time display on this model changes seamlessly from black to deep blue and resembles the color of the ocean, which changes as it deepens. diving.

Rolex Day-Date "President"

Introduced in 1956, the replica Day-Date watches Swiss Movement were the first date for which the date and day of the week show the day of the week on the dial as a whole word rather than an abbreviation. The water-resistant Oyster model, for which replica Rolex developed a separate bracelet, quickly became an exclusive replica watch. The prefix of the president in the name of the model appeared due to an interesting pattern: according to the photochronic of recent years, these replica watches were preferred by high-ranking officials and leaders of different countries.

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