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BaselWorld is not just a trading platform where industry leaders present their products and look for wealthy buyers. Trends for the upcoming season are also determined within the walls of the showroom. In a huge showroom, the exquisite Bulgari fake watches will coexist with the best Omega replica watches, while the great works of the houses of Breitling and Hublot will attract the attention of visitors. Breguet, Boucheron, Swarovski, Chopard, Chanel and Zenith are only a small part of all the brands represented.

Main News

The Swiss replica watch brand Rolex has already announced the premiere of its latest development, the replica Rolex Sea-Dweller. This year the model celebrates its 50th anniversary! The range of the replica watch house also includes the Rolex Daytona replica, Rolex Yacht-Master replica, Rolex GMT-Master II fake, Rolex Day-Date 40 fake and others. The Bulgari brand wants to familiarize visitors with the Octo Roma model.

In return, the Hublot fake watch company presents a series of classic Classic Fusion Berluti replica watches. Swiss replica watch brand H. Moser & Cie. will delight connoisseurs with a refined dial in his latest Endeavor Perpetual Calendar Purity, while Swiss watchmaker Omega, for whom every show is indispensable, will introduce guests this year to the sporty Speedmaster Racing Master Chronometer, which will attract fans. of sport.

Moon Phase Display

The display of the moon phase is a decorative function. A wristwatch with this function shows the illuminated part of the moon that is visible from Earth at that time. The indicator forms a complete circle every 29 days, 12 hours and 44 minutes.

Second Time Zone And World Time

For those who travel frequently, a second time zone feature will come in very handy and will show you the local time wherever you are. This function is carried out with an additional hand, a double subdial or a 24-hour time scale on the large dial.

To Shape

Wristwatches come in different shapes: round, rectangular, square and barrel-shaped. They represent a tall rectangle with curved sides and a flattened top and bottom. Nowadays the round shape is very popular as it is easier to make with a high degree of water resistance. A square case is often found in designer replica watches because this shape allows more space on the dial for design. The strictest shape is considered rectangular; It is easier to hide such a fake watch under the cuff of a shirt. The barrel shape is reminiscent of the retro style and looks very elegant due to the elongated shape.

See Body Material?

If you are healthy, you shouldn't care what material the replica watch case is made of. For allergy sufferers, it is better to choose super clone watches made of gold, titanium, carbon fiber or so-called high-tech ceramics. Suffering from high blood pressure: avoid heavy housings made of precious metals. Watches replica made of titanium, aluminum alloys, carbon fiber or plastic are welcome.

There are fake watches made from materials that are not only potentially non-allergenic, but also really healthy. This is, for example, palladium, a platinum group metal with excellent antiseptic properties; It is used to make surgical instruments for elite clinics. This is why palladium case replica watches are so popular with wealthy hunters who frequently go on safari to the southern hemisphere. One of them even once wrote on his social media page: ˇ°Thanks for the replica watch! I even drank half the gin and everything is fine! ˇ±.

Rolex Cellini

While the replica Cellini Rolex Prince received a much less elegant case in red, yellow and white gold, the refined original Prince was embedded in steel. And your design could differ radically from one model to another; for example, the main dial could be moved to the 12 o'clock position, and the role of timestamps was played by Roman numerals, Arabic numerals, or even letters (at least there was a special version supported In honor of the 25th anniversary of the collaboration with the Canadian retailer T. Eaton Company Limited, which has a 1/4 Century Club in its sphere). The cases of these replica Rolexes have always been inspired by Art Deco in one way or another, so they occasionally get a bit thinner or a bit more puffed up due to the convex corners. We find that the fake Rolex Prince is very reminiscent of a grandfather clock, firstly because of the shape of the case and secondly because of the dial. We can easily imagine a similar copy, one hundred times larger than the doll version, beautifully framed in a tree and placed on a shelf.

You can find imitation Rolex Prince in completely different designs on Depending on the metal and the year of manufacture, the cost increases from 130,000 rubles to a million. The new replica Cellini watches in white or rose gold cases cost around 120 dollar.

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